2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is the 3rd last race of the year. It is on Nov 3rd, 2013 and the race takes place at the Yas Marina Circuit. This race track is probably one of the more fascinating tracks as it has a massive hotel right in the centre of the action. The track was designed by Hermann Tilke and in the past it has been criticized by drivers as being difficult to pass. Rumors suggest the track has been slightly modified to allow for more driver skill to make the race a more exciting one.

In 2012 Sebastian Vettel had won 4 races in a row and took the lead over Fernando Alonso. Vettel seems destined to win a 3rd straight World Constructors Championship while Alonso fans hope he can hold off the faster driver and make a run for his 3rd title. All the other drivers might technically have a chance but their goal from here on in is to simply win races and perform well. It certainly will be a competitive finish to this season and far more entertaining than in 2011 when the RedBulls were simply too fast for everyone and the season was the most predictable ever with Vettel winning the title after the Japanese Grand Prix with a handful of races to go.

Practise for the event is on November 1st to 2nd while the qualifying takes place November 2nd with the race taking place November 3rd at 17:00 local time.

Circuit Information

Number of Laps: 55 Circuit Length: 5.554km Lap Record: 1:40.279 by Sebastian Vettel 2009


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